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I'm so much into it, I know about it, but I never thought about the term, who brought it up first, who are the notable representatives and those kind of things.
I could write about Paleoart for days if I wanted to and had that time, but I'l try and keep it short and simple..
Mark Hallett was the guy that came up with the term paleoart in 1970ties , and among many, he is one of those guys I respect and love his work the most.
He was the one of people who broke some of those misconceptions about cold blooded, lazy, dumbass Dinosaurs.
His, Douglas Hendersons and John Sibbicks work influenced me when I was growing up, they inspired me to do what I do now in early 1990ties and I love it since.
You wouldn't be wrong if you said, Damir G Martin, Paleoartist, cos I love making Dinosaur related illustrations and models, and sometimes even more, combining it with sci fi elements to add up to the already mysterious ancient past of our planet .
Paleoart is a form that brings Paleontology to wider audiences trough sculpture, illustrations, illustrated books and movies. Sometimes, paleoart is essential bit for paleontologists helping them better understand the fossils they dug out.
In most cases Paleoart is the last stop in paleontology. After excavation, cleaning of fossilized material, putting it together and adding(assuming) missing parts, paleoart comes into play to round up the process of determining how something might have looked, mooved, sounded like and so on.

Paleoart in it self is one of the most exciting art forms, as it gives you so much to think about. Imagination and science combined, bringing back to life monsters and creatures that inhabited our planet millions of years ago.

I love Paleoart and I love dinosaurs!
PS: please excuse my potential illiteracy from word to word, English is not my native language after all.

Mark Hallett ©

Douglas Henderson ©

John Sibbick ©

Damir G Martin ©

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