Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Yep, just what the title says!
I have been thinking about it for some time actually, but never done it really. It all stayed in the back of my head. Now I plan to change that and sit down and really do it.
I wont talk about details, it is about dinosaur, one specific species. I hope it will be likeable little illustrated book. Plan is to finish it and put it up to self publishing sites till Christmas this year.
If there is response and interest I might even do small series cos I have ideas for more than one illustrated boo on the same character..
Once I get it close to final I will post page or two, and maybe cover page etc. and write about the creation experience a bit.
I think 2 months are sufficient to create a 20-something pages book, will found out quite soon if I'm wrong.

Also, to anyone who stumbles upon my blog entry, follow the link to my D.A journal and see if you can help me out: link: http://airt.deviantart.com/journal/

Anyways off to do some work