Monday, 25 January 2010

Freelancing vs Dinomonsters

Im so over my shoulders in freelancing, which is good, and bad at the same time.
Good cos it gets some money, and we need money, dont we? Bad cos I cant spend more time on my own stuff, namely, Dinomonsters... dang!
Few nights ago after I concluded a freelancing day, I couldn't sleep, so I grabbed my notebook and pencil and I started rewriting Dinomonsters.... Meaning, whole bunch of work invested before, in sketching out pilot comic book, and writing mini stories went down the drain mostly, but I'm happy cos the new story should work much better..

I hope I'l get Ty redesign finished, so I can start making some animation tests..

Of to freelance some more...

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Ty redesign

Still lot's of work around Ty, DinoMonster character.
I recreated it from scratch, made some nice displacement and color textures, lonly to figure out i'm still not where i want to be with overall looks.
So now Im going from the beginning, and i hope his would be it.

here is a comparison of the head, of recently remade model and the new one.
This is how my most recent attempt to recreate Ty looks like.
Add Image
Im going after more human looks, I'l try to decrease the, pure dino look by introducing some human characteristics into his face.
I was specially concerned with mouth. I want these character to be able to speak, and having reptilian snouts is somewhat a flaw if you want to be able to talk and keep it believable.

new updates soon!

Friday, 8 January 2010

Happy new year

New year has begun, and so did I,
After a smaller and much desired break, I'm starting with my work and plans for the year ahead.
At the moment, I'm redoing my DinoMonster character Ty, alongside some freelance gig's, that's why it goes on bit slower than I've planed.
Here is the link to the test render.
test render 1
test render 2
The plan is to make it look better than the initial design obviously.
I was aiming towards more serious, menacing and movie like design, instead of stylized cartoon look he had until now.
Since it is still in the making, the test render is not the best thing for comparison just yet, but even at this stage it's obvious how different it looks now.
Still need to make some tweaks around the head and torso area, maybe some minor improvements on the body proportions,, not sure there tho' cos I want him to look little bit bulkier and stronger built.
I still have some second thoughts as to how they should be dressed up.
The bionic thumbs are going to be challenging.
I wanna create a bionic prosthesis that will look functional and cool..
Have couple ideas but It will become clear when i dig into it.