Tuesday, 15 February 2011

DRAGON MARATHON reaching halfway!!

I'm reaching halfway into my personal challenge, my dragon design marathon.
It will be a rich concept art dragon gallery once finished.

Dont have to much time on me to write longer post,, instead I will put some pics of finished dragons up and leaving the link above to the complete gallery at deviant art.
When I finish the challenge, I will upload all step by step videos shot at 1fps.
There wont be all 55 dragons videos, cos sometimes my Zbrush app crashed in the middle of the modeling process causing to lose some videos...
Anyways, here are some of the dragons, if you wanna see the gallery follow the link above.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011


I'm about to start a Marathon!
It is going to be 3d Modeling Marathon.
Goal is to model 55 dragon designs by the end of February.
I'm going to model busts mostly, sometimes I even might get the whole body, It will mostly depend on how busy I'll be during February.
Competition, my self, I need to beat my self. Deep down inside, me thinks I wont make it, then again, there is that other me, somewhere inside my chest who thinks I will kick that "deep down inside" version of me's butt.

I should update two dragons a day in order to make it, or three or more in one day if i miss out submitting on any of the coming days..

Wish me luck :)

The gallery for 55 Dragons is here: