Wednesday, 2 February 2011


I'm about to start a Marathon!
It is going to be 3d Modeling Marathon.
Goal is to model 55 dragon designs by the end of February.
I'm going to model busts mostly, sometimes I even might get the whole body, It will mostly depend on how busy I'll be during February.
Competition, my self, I need to beat my self. Deep down inside, me thinks I wont make it, then again, there is that other me, somewhere inside my chest who thinks I will kick that "deep down inside" version of me's butt.

I should update two dragons a day in order to make it, or three or more in one day if i miss out submitting on any of the coming days..

Wish me luck :)

The gallery for 55 Dragons is here:

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  1. I chanced across your dragons and I'm currently scouring around the internet trying to find more - I ADORE your work!