Wednesday, 19 January 2011


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Image created using zbrush, 3ds max and photoshop.

Short-ish sci-fi back-story brainstorm of my own!

What if somebody told you, or better yet, what if somebody proved to you that most of our understanding of the world and space around us is not entirely right? What you see here in this image is one brief moment that took place in long history of our planet.
Specifically in this case, we witness one Dinosaur species being "stored" into, what we like to call "Black hole".

"What if black holes aren't what we think they are"? Just as you and I would take pictures when visiting foreign countries so we can refresh our memories of that place later in life or for what ever other reason we take hundreds of pictures when we go about our planet...

Try to imagine technologically advanced aliens that travel trough space and store away everything they come across for whatever reason.. To save the rare life forms for them to study and experiment, to have something to remember that place by or spread that life further into the space or something completely unimaginable to our perception and understanding..

Now, for the fun part, what if that advanced alien race could artificially produce "black hole" with it's technology. And what if they could reverse it's effect at any time, from whatever point, whatever type or matter or structure..

To try to simplify my thoughts for my self firstly! I will compare this artificial black hole to a vinyl record. These alien guys could create "Black hole vinyl record"(patent pending xD) and record(suck in) virtually anything. Later on, they could use that same superb tech to "read" out anything that has been "sucked" or "stored" into the black hole and load this content back into reality...

I know it sounds far fetched and very hard to digest, as if You traveled to past and tried to explain vinyl record or usb storage devices to a cave man..I think only thing being digested in that scenario would be your leg

To conclude! Message I'm trying to convey with this piece. What if Dinosaurs haven't extinct, what if most of them were simply stored away, saved, from the planet that might have been unable to support this form of life anymore or something like that??
What if Gulf of Mexico is not point of impact of giant meteorite or asteroid, what if that is point of miniature black hole deployment that was programmed to "suck" specific matter(in this case dinosaurs and maybe other life forms) leaving barren planet behind?!.. Wouldn't that be cool

This opens up so many doors for some intriguing scifi stories... Those same tech advanced guys coming back to our planet to store some of us, or all of us at some point..

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