Wednesday, 5 January 2011


I finally got it. The mother of all BR discs ever. Alien Anthology!
This is the pinnacle for a sci-fi buff such as me, if only I could have had it when I was a kid, about 15 years ago!! Oh man, that would be disastrous for my social and educational development xD

Anyways, I took my regular once or twice a week walk to the mail box hanging in front of our house, out of mere curiosity, I cant say I expected anything more than couple of household bills and that sort of thing... and what do I find.
!!!!I found that my Amazon.UK order had just arrived!!! Alien Anthology blu ray combo containing 6 BR discs!! What a nice feeling that is, approaching the mail box and catching a glimpse of the package delivery notice, or how-ever it is called.
I'm not gonna dribble about BR content that much,,,each movie com
es in it's theatrical and special edition release which is great!! What I'm looking forward here is two Additional BR discs with over 60 hours, yes, !!!60 HOURS!!! of behind the scenes footage and stuff...brain freeze... I'm embarking on a loong and fun trip trough the world of aliens and I'm loving that fact..

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