Monday, 27 December 2010


Have you ever dreamed something that woke you up in sweat and/or tears and made you appreciate you are alive more than you did when you went to sleep couple hours back.
I started dreaming lately, and unlike all the time, I started remembering what I dreamed about when I woke up, and my latest couple of dreams were insane..
If I'd write about them in details, it would sound like one of Roland Emmerich disaster movie screenplays.

Lately, I have recurring dream about alien invasion, not a friendly ones, but, "run for your life" ones.
It probably has something to do with loads of alien invasion movies hitting cinemas, hope it's not my sixth sense telling me something bad's gonna happen xD. Only problem I have with my dreams is I got no frickin control what so evar. if something can go bad it most certainly will :/
Tho' I love that sort of dreams, sometimes they make me tired and get me scared, well, at least until I realize it was just a dream.

Anyways, I gotta start thinking of some super weapon, so I can take it on my next dream journey.

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