Sunday, 6 December 2009

Website uploaded

The website is up and running!
There are couple of things that are unfinished.
So if you click some of these links, you will end up on a black empty page with small note saying "under construction" or something like that. Please don't get pissed of cos of it :)
These things are 2d gallery and 3d models, and I hope I'l get it done in next two three days.

Tutorial part is also under construction. It will take few days to get it done.
I have everything, I just need to put the pieces together.
Tru' time I will be adding new tutorials, mostly related to 3d, zbrush and modeling.

As soon as I get it done I'l commit myself 100% to making stuff, loads of it.

anyways, you can check the web on the link above, top of the page, under the page banner, or just click here:

take care!

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