Saturday, 5 December 2009

wacom cintiq

Wacom Cintiq 12 inch is a brilliant gadget and worth buying if you are one bit serious about computer graphics.
Working in Zbrush with this piece of equipment is really special experience, and once you try it, you are most likely not going back.
Natural feeling of being able to work directly on the surface is way batter then using classical tablet,
and as I tried both, I concluded that this is the way to go, for me that is. Next thing would probably be diodes attached to your head, closed eyes, REM state of mind, and dreaming your stuff into computer :)

Seriously tho', this hardware offers some really neat features and really speeds the workflow up weather you use zbrush, or photoshop, or painter.
Handy express keys, five of them on each side, when customized can drastically increase your productivity, and not to mention all the joy it gives...err, at least in the beginning, later you forget about it even exists.
Materials are tough, pen is solid, not like the other ones I had, that would snap in my hand eventually. It feels durable and lasting thing.
All in all, I love my Cintiq, and S.Sejic, our comic book God xd

take care!

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