Tuesday, 8 December 2009


I just cant wait for Avatar to hit the cinemassss!
Im looking forward for this movie for two years now.
Ever since I came across first rumors about it I knew it is going to be fantastic, cos face it, James Cameron is a master of sci-fi.
I wont even try getting into commenting all the mean and hating comments towards Avatar of those few people on our planet, without ever having a decent argument why the hate it without even seeing it( blue cat people, they don't even look believable and so on).
But the most saddest thing of all is that most of the trash talk comes from so called sci-fi appreciators and moviegoers.
I guess everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion. Just feel bad for all those people who wont be enjoying this movie in about 10 days from today as I am going to, or am I feeling bad :D.
Even if the movie turns out to be mindless special effect porn, I will most certainly walk away with a smile and positive experience. I mean, if I managed to enjoy Transformers II(most of the visuals, kudos to cg artist colleagues), who are total hardcore cg porn, I guess there shouldn't be any grounded fears for Avatar.
The single fact that the story takes place on a distant lush green planet is pretty much enough to satisfy my appetite even if the story takes fall.
Anyways, of to keep counting days till the "unrealistic blue cat people" hit cinemas xd!!

Here's the trailer for all you sinners who might not even know what I'm talking about :)

take care!

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