Tuesday, 25 May 2010

CANON 7D, error 20

Bought Canon 7D about 45 days ago.
My overall impressions with the 7D performance are positive ones cos this camera is awesome.
It has ultra fast and precise focus, it's HD movie options are amazing, shutter speed is superb..
There are many more things and details that make this camera so special.

I was in visit at my friend in London, and on the first day, we went out to the city so I could see some London for the first time, and as we were walking over the Westminster's bridge, I took some Big Ben pics. At that moment my Canon froze, displaying error 20 code only after couple of hours of use on that day. Used it with my brand new Canon 17-40mm L lens, powered with battery pack.

After the error message, Camera produced some weird buzzing noise(two or three time 1-sec buzzes: bzzzzz bzzzzz) when turned on and off, or when battery removed and inserted.
Dont even have to mention that any attempt on recovering from that error turned out as a waste of time.
Since it is only 45 days old, and under the warranty, I decided to send it to authorized Canon service shop.
Now, I have to wait over a month for it to be serviced, or, if that fails, replaced.

I honestly hope this wont happen again, as I would hate to quit on Canon products, cos I'm a faithful Canon buyer.

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