Wednesday, 2 December 2009


Zbrush 3.5 R3 is awesome!
I had my hands on as soon as I got the update link from Pixologic.
I love what the guys at pixo did with this update, especially in regards to 3.5 R2, which in my case had few irritating bugs.

For example, my smooth brush was not working properly.
I posted the issue in troubleshooting thread at zbrush central, but no one knew what was it about, and few people reported that same smooth brush issue like me.

And there were some strange glitches when I was modeling part of geometry in situtations when I had other piece of geometry in perspective behind the mesh I worked on, and the brush focus point, as if zbrush would lost focus, and jumped to the background geometry instead of what was in front.

But never mind that, cos 3.5 R3 works like a charm till this point, and I hope i wont be stumbling on any new bad surprises.

There are couple of insane new and enhanced features, but I'l refer to them later on..

still getting used to this blog thing..

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