Friday, 19 October 2012


Yeah, that being said, I dont feel easier for not keeping my blog updated.
I kind of got hooked up with that trend of, us, artists, modelers and what not, having our own facebook pages where everyone can connect and stay updated with our work.
This does not mean I will stop updating my blog, for all you rare readers out there, and my future self. It means my blog updates will stay as rare and as few trough out the year as they were up to this point. If you want more frequent updates of my work, you can go to my facebook page here:
Facebook Page
There has been lots of new stuff I worked on. I dont want to spend time posting all that in this single post.
The most recent, still ongoing thing I'm working on is my DinoMonsters characters redesign process.
The one I'm working on right now is Ty, the leader of the group.
Here are some screenshots:

Take care!

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