Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Just posting for the sake of it

Loong time no post in terms of, " I wanna do the blog thing"
I guess I ain't real blogger material.


I was hectic busy lately, torn between my freelance career and my private projects.
The fact that I really over done it got me to bed with high temperature and really tired and warned out state of body. But I got pass that and now I'm on the same road again, workin' my ass of.

I had a nice time few days ago trying to figure out caustics in MR.
Yeah, MR. Im learning MR. cos I realized I wont progress much further using scanline alone.
Anyways, I've put up the scene, and followed the steps, and no result, no caustics, no photons.
I repeated the procedure couple times, loosing my mind over it but to no avail.
And then, I discovered that I needed to increase the photon energy pref, and just that thing sorted the entire issue.
Damn caustics, now I know how to render it.

Anyways, I'm reading this post of mine, and it is so messy, almost purposeless, but I guess I will learn how to blog if I constantly put something up, bit more often then I do....

Ok. now I'm going to interrupt this purposeless post and return to work.
Seeya in couple of weeks, hopefully sooner.

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