Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Work in progress

I'm in the middle of remaking my old web page,
I so don't like web design. I recognize the usefulness of it,
and I can appreciate good web design,
but I don't like to be involved in it the way I am now..

In all that changing I decided I'l start a blog, or g-log, g is for graphic,
as I'l try to write about computer graphics, my projects,
and things related to that subject. I like writing,
but I was never that well organized or disciplined to do it.

Anyway, my web page is almost finished.
As soon as I upload it, I'l get back to what I like,
modeling, painting and being super creative.

I'm not even sure, how does one get people to read it's blog entries :D
I guess I'l have to be super creative to find out that answer xd

take care!

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