Friday, 18 December 2009

Darksiders challenge finish

I made it.
It was a tough race till the very end.
Couple of hours before the challenge officially ended I managed to finish my entry and submit it to the challenge gallery.

Main reason for being so late was cos I started the image two-three days ago, and main reason for that was cos I was pretty busy with other projects, and the lack of good ideas on how to approach the challenge.

Finally I figured I'd recreate the Watcher, the character from the game, with some of my add ups to the original design, originally from the people of the Vigil games.

Here are the links to the image, and one turntable sheet in the gallery, hope you likes!

As you can see from my previous blog entry, I thought I have an idea, but that turned out to be overly complicated and might be miss understood in accordance to the challenge guidelines.


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